Ronnie The Rocket Case
Date Track Series Feature Finish
2010-03-13 Ventura VRA Finished 7th
2010-03-20 Ventura VRA Finished 19th after tagging the wall
2010-03-27 Ventura VRA Didn't make the main
2010-04-03 Ventura VRA Finished 12th
2010-04-10 Tulare West Coast 360 Finished 9th
2010-04-17 Ventura VRA Finished 17th
2010-05-01 Ventura VRA TBR
2010-05-08 Ventura VRA TBR
2010-05-15 Ventura VRA TBR
2010-05-29 Perris USAC/CRA TBR
2010-06-05 Ventura VRA TBR
2010-06-12 Perris USAC/CRA TBR

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